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Treehouse is a collective of creative minds from all areas of design. Based in Perth we offer graphic design, photography, web design, album artwork and digital design services. We have worked with clients across various industries such as the Arts, Music, Fashion, Theatre, Magazine Design, Film, TV and Digital Design. With a shared passion for music, Treehouse has focused heavily on working with up and coming Australian artists. Check out our portfolio now and get in contact.

Rise exhibition signage

Run by Barclays Bank, Rise is a global organisation which helps facilitate tech startups in the financial space to develop and prototype new business models. This temporary signage was designed for Rise to use at exhibitions and events in the United Kingdom. It includes a 3x5 metre curved, double-sided pop-up display stand, as well as a smaller pop-up counter.

Designed by Kel Corbett in Vietnam, 2016.